What To Plant In North Facing Area With Little Or No Direct Sunlight

Question From: T. Andrew - Dexter, Michigan, United States
Q: I have a 2 1/2 x 20 spot on the north side of my house, next to the house wall, that gets no daily sun in the middle, and very little early and late each day at either end of the spot. What can I plant there that will thrive, where there is (a) low maintenance, (b) stays off the wall, and (c) has some nice color as long as possible? Perrenials or smallish bushes (dwarf?) would be my choice, as I have several grasses, sedum, day lilly, and a nice diervilla bush nearby and adjacent. Thanks for any guildance . . .

A: Tom, Plants need some sun to grow and more to flower and thrive. Sounds like you have a dense shade area. Hostas are the classic shade plants. I'd plant some in containers and place them along the area and see how they do. If they fail you might consider doing a dry river bed of stone or other type of hardscape. Dragon wing begonias are annuals, but do well in shade, so for color give them a try. Happy Yardening Nancy,