What To Plant In Soil That Stays Wet And Soggy After Heavy Rains

Question From: Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Q: Nancy,what plants or shrubs could be used behind my condo ? After a heavy rain, the ground stays wet and soggy for several days. The condo association is not willing to install a larger drain.thank you for your input.

A: Betty, I recommend you visit an independent garden center that does landscaping and request an onsite inspection. If you buy the the plants there they may include it in the cost. You need to have a trained eye look at the problem area and give you advice, such as John Steinkopf from Steinkopf Nursery in Farmington. There are many other considerations besides the ground being wet and soggy for several days. If it were my back yard that is what I would do. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy