What To Plant To Protect Home From Golf Balls

Question From: Farmington, Michigan, United States
Q: Dear Nancy. I enjoy your articles. I live on a golf course and our home is protected by a few large shag bark trees and a many maples that are tall and maybe 10 in diameter trunks. Many of the maples are dying. I am looking for ideas of trees I can start planting to ensure I will have protection from errant golf balls. Thank you.

A: A mix of shrubs and trees might be a better bet as the web of branches and leaves will catch the balls. Now it depends on your taste and the soil and sun conditions. I suggest you visit Steinkopf Nursery ion Farmington Road and talk to John Steinkopf and have him take you through the nursery. Do call and make an appointment . Take pictures of your current landscape. Better yet have him do an onsite inspection. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy