What Causes Brown-Yellow Spots On Lawn

Question From: C. bingle - NEW YORK
Q: Every year it seems I am firing a landscaper because every year I have brown, yellow spots some type of bug that no one can or tried to identify. Lawn looks good until July then the spots start. What should I do???? Landscaper has applied in July & August some type of bug killer which does not work. My neighbor on one side has the same problem. We also had the same landscaper. This year he got another landscaper but he still has the same problem


You need to find the bug and take a picture in order to identify it. It may be a disease so a pesticide is useless in that case. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: How do I find out if my lawn is diseased or infected with bugs


Contact your county extension service for the address of their test lab and how to send a sample of your grass in for testing. The number is in the phone book under county listings. Best Nancy