When And How To Bring Hibiscus Indoors For Winter

Question From: C. Caloia - New Baltimore, Michigan, United States
Q: I have a beautiful Hibiscus growing in a container & up a trellis outside. When is a good time to bring it indoors & do I cut it back completely, the trellis is in the ground not in the container. I could pull it out for support inside, but if I cut it back, do I really need to do this? Thank you.

A: Bring your hibiscus indoors before frost. When the nighttime temperatures drop into the 50's. If you plan to store the plant in a cool dark area over the winter, such as a basement, it's best to cut it back. It will produce a better looking plant next summer. Here's a good resource for pruning techniques: http://www.hiddenvalleyhibiscus.com/care/pruning.htm. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy