When And How To Fertilize Citrus And Other Fruit Trees

Question From: J. Peryea - Hemet, California, United States
Q: I have a pear, plum, apricot,orange and lemon trees. I need to know what to fertilize them with. I have Vigoro all purpose Plant food 24-8-16. Will that work? When should I do it. we are having such a mild winter, wondering if now is the time. I noticed that my pear tree is getting leaves already.

A: Judy, I live and garden in Michigan so I cannot advise you on how to fertilize your citrus trees. There is a lemon tree that has thrived in a greenhouse here in Michigan for two decades. They use Espoma Citrus Tone according to package directions in spring. I suggest you visit a couple of garden centers and or nurseries and consult with them on how to care for your trees. Too much fertilizer can do more damage than not fertilizing, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.