When And How To Overseed Lawn That Looks Thin And Bare In Spots

Question From: r. felsner - Southfield, Michigan, United States
Q: I just power raked my lawn and then aerated it. I just added Scott's Winter Guard to the lawn. I plan on ordering compost soil this week and then waiting until spring to over seed. IS this plan good or should I wait to do the compost soil and seeding in the spring? my lawn looks thin and many bare spots.

A: It's okay to do the overseeding and spread the compost as long as the Winter Guard is not a weed and feed formula. In that case follow the directions on the label or contact the manufacturer. I recommend Grass Magic for problem lawns. It's organic, slow release and loaded with beneficial organisms, humic acid, kelp and calcium. There is nothing better on the market. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy