When And How To Prune And Feed Hydrangeas

Question From: R. Hall - KENTUCKY
Q: We have several types of Hydrangeas. Limelight, Strawberry/Vanilla,Niko Blue, Oakleaf, Annebelle. We awalys question when to prune and what type of fertilizer to use. Would you be so kind to advise us on each?? Thank you very much. I am subscribing to your newsletter.

A: I recommend Espoma Holly-Tone for use on hydrangeas. This is best done in late winter or very early spring. Your Niko Blue and Oakleaf blooms on year old wood and should be pruned (if needed) after the blooms fade. It's not required. The others may be pruned in spring, as they bloom on new wood. Google how to prune each variety and you will find videos. Best Nancy and Happy Yardeninvg.