When To Apply Imidacloprid Bayer Tree And Shrub Insect Control

Question From: G. Fuqua - RHODE ISLAND
Q: I will be applying your imidacloprid to swamp white oaks (for winter moths and for oak phylloxera) and to Inkberrys (for leaf miners) this spring. Buds of our trees and shrubs are just beginning to swell. None of them are in leaf yet. Is it safe to assume that they are growing vigorously enough that their roots will take up the imidacloprid now? I am hoping for protection of our entire plants before these insects hatch and begin feeding. Our plants are young (largest tree circumference is 6 inches and tallest shrub height is 4 feet

A: Gordon, you need to contact the manufacturer of the proctor. The package has an 800 number or you can go to their website. I am not a certified applicator and cannot legally answer your question. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy