When To Plant Leland Cypress

Question From: C. robinson - MARYLAND
Q: Dear Nancy, I have 6 new Leland cypress that are about 7' tall that were planted 12/12/12. they seem to be doing well i had a landscaper plant them. then i mulched them. i want to plant 3 more. do you think it is now to late to plant., since it is now January, or wait till spring. i do not have a Bald cypress. but did not see Leland on the list of choice. i could use all the info on Leland cypress as i would not want to lose them. each costing $125.00 each. thank you for your kindness. Carol L. Robinson. P.S. i am doing as much reading on them. but could use all the help i can get


Carol, I suggest would get the advice of a local certified arborist. That is where I go when I need advice about the trees in my yard. I am not familiar with the growing conditions in Maryland and it would be remiss of me to give advice. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.