When To Plant Perennial Flowers And Annuals To Consider

Question From: J. Conner - MICHIGAN
Q: Hi first if all I love your column. It’s helped me many times. I want to plant perennials in my flower beds next spring. I love zinnias, can I just throw the seeds in the ground now or should I wait till spring? I also want daises and corn flowers. I’m tired of planting annuals every year. I figure with all of those and some phlox I should be good to go. I have a couple of perennials in there already. Thank you for you time. June Conner

A: Your best bet is to wait until spring. Zinnias are warm weather lovers and if planted outside wait until the soil warms to 60 degrees. Cleome, larkspur and verbena bonariensis all re-seed in our garden, Remember if you grow from seed planted in the garden you won't have color early in the season. Here's a list of annuals you can plant in the garden in spring. 
  1. calendula
  2. nigella
  3. love-lies-bleeding
  4. poppies
  5. cleome
  6. alyssum
  7. verbena
  8. bachelor buttons
  9. portulaca 
Good Luck. and Happy Yardening, Nancy