When To Plant Perennial Wild Flower Seeds

Question From: K. McGinty - MICHIGAN
Q: Nancy, Thks for your wonderful advice over the years and my belated sympathy on Jeff Ball's passing years ago as you two were a great team. Quick one: Made a stupid move at 80 and moved back from Northern Mi to South Lyon and an acre lot. Can barely keep the grass cut and have some areas I would like to plant some perennial wild flower seeds I had laying around. Should I sow them this fall or wait until Spring. Reason I ask is that I know that sometimes it takes a year for some varieties to bloom. I had purchased a couple of bags at Home Depot and planting directions are pretty vague. Thks

A: That's a tough one, not knowing the flower mix. Does the container include a plant list or a provider? Mother Nature plants her perennial seeds in fall so that would be my guess. I will be scattering my reseeding annual seeds this fall and most do beautifully. Michigan Wild flower Farm.has a great website including a printable download: Ten Steps to a Successful Wildflower Seeding. Check it out. www.wildflowerfarm.com. Thanks for your kind words and good luck. Best Nancy and Happy Yardening.