When To Prune Spirea

Q: I have two small spirea plants. I say they are small even thought they have doubled in size since I planted them - one was planted in fall, 2011, the other in spring, 2012, so I don't think they are the kind that grow into large border plants. I did not cut them back at all last fall after the growing season ended. They are still brown and waiting for warmer temps right now. I am just wondering if they will bloom better if cut back or should I just let them be. I live right outside Philadelphia PA. We had two very warm days that pushed some buds out on other plants but not the spirea. I am just a little worried that I messed up. Thanks for any help you can give me. Mary Beth


Prune them now and they will not bloom. The time to prune them is after the blooms fade. I prune mine every other year. Happy Yardening Nancy