When To Transplant Various Garden Plants

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: Dear Nancy, I am requesting information regarding my Mom's garden. She recently passed away and I would like to transplant her flowers and plants to my garden. I need assistance knowing which plants I can safely move now and which ones I need to wait until Spring or Summer etc. It will be in the 40's tomorrow and we have already had some frost so I am worried because I only get one chance to do this right. If you are unable to provide assistance can you direct me to someone else? I tried calling MSU Extension office but they are working limited hours with limited personnel. I have a list but will wait for further instructions from you before I send it. Any advice you can give me I would greatly appreciate it. Her garden is her legacy and I want to see it continue. Thank you.

A: Sorry for your loss Karen. The rule of thumb as to the cut off date for fall transplanting is six weeks before the ground freezes. I would google the name of each plant and how late they can be transplanted in fall. When the ground freezes I would mulch them with a couple of inches of mulch. If you run out of time early spring when the ground can be worked is also a good time. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy