When To Trim Back Limelight And Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Question From: K. Newton - Waterford Township, Michigan, United States
Q: Is it too late to trim back Limelight and Endless Summer hydrangeas for more blooms and to keep them from getting floppy? Thanks.

A: Katie, I would not prune these shrubs now. Limelight seems to be running late my yard. The flower buds are not showing yet, so heavy pruning would probably mean little or no flowers. Cut back Endless summer now and you will not get flowers until very late in the season. Next year do any pruning in late winter or very early spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Comment: Thanks for your reply. I did trim both Limelight and Endless Summer in early spring but both of them, especially Limelight, have put out so much new growth (24"+) and it is very soft that I'm afraid it will Really flop with blooms. Maybe a second trim could have been done earlier. Do the second trim the first week in June? Thanks again

Response: Give the new growth a chance to harden off. Hopefully you are not plying them with fertilizer, which encourages lush growth that flops. I can't give you a date. The weather patterns change from year to year. Watch your plants and get to know how they grow. You should not have to prune twice. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.