Where To Find And How To Pick Perennials

Question From: S. Loosvelt - Trenton, Michigan, United States
Q: I read your article in the April 14, 2017 Homestyle about picking the right flowering perennials for best show. Where do you get your perennials and are the ones you mentioned in your article quite available at most gardening stores? Also what are some good perennials for a budding gardener? My daughter-in-law is new at gardening and would like some advice.

A: Independent garden centers should have most of these plants by late spring or early summer. I recommend the Perennial Resource website for beginners. http://www.perennialresource.com/ . It lists 3000 perennials and gives a complete description of size, cultural needs as well color and more. Have her check it out. Also my book Perennials for Michigan is a great book for beginners. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy