Where To Find Gardening Help In Michigan

Question From: G. Johnson - Southgate, Michigan, United States
Q: Nancy, My mom use to garden all the time and had a beautiful yard. She has been diagnosed with dementia and can no longer plant her beautiful garden. We want to keep her yard beautiful, but every landscaper I call want to do the huge projects. Do you know where I can find someone just to trim her hedges and plant some flowers in the front and back of her house It's probably only a 1/2 day to 3/4 day job. She lives in the Inkster area. I will also use the same person to plant around my condo in Southgate.Thanks so much for your help.

A: So sorry to read about your Mom's disease. It's heartbreaking to go through both watching and care taking. I would contact the Master Gardeners Association of Wayne County. I know many folks who have found help through this group. Best Regards, Nancy