Where To Find Regal Petticoat Maple

Question From: Farmington, Michigan, United States
Q: Dear Nancy, I read your article about the Regal Petticoat Maple last September in the Detroit News. I am interested and seriously considering buying one to plant in my yard. I live in Farmington Hills, MI. Is there a nursery nearby that carrys the Regal Petticoat? I have tried looking on the internet, but haven't had any luck finding a nursery in Oakland County, that provides an inventory of what they have in stock. A few sites did, but did not list the Regal Petticoat. If I buy one, I would like to select the tree, as opposed to ordering one sight unseen. Can you provide me the names of any nurseries in the area that carry the Regal Petticoat? Thank you

A: Google Regal Petticoat and you will find the website and location and contact information http://regalpetticoat.com/.  Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy