Where To Find Uncommon Heirloom Plant Seeds

Question From: A. Richter - Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Q: Esther Read and/or T E Killian leucanthemum I am pulling up all my thuggish Becky daisies, which I planted only because I couldn't find either ER or TEK. I have been looking for years, especially for TE Kilian, which I grew 25 years ago-they were far and away the most glorious daisies ever. Little did I know I would never find them again after I moved. No daisy commonly available (and I have or have had them all) can touch it. Could you please help me find a source? Thanks, Anna Richter

A: Sometimes you can find these old treasures at Mom and Pop garden centers that were in business when these varieties were popular. Also do a Google search of heirloom seed companies. Good Luck, Nancy