Where To Purchase Milkweed Seeds

Question From: D. Henningsen - Northville, Michigan, United States
Q: Where can I purchase Fireworks or Little Lemon or Peter Pan seeds? I live in an open subdivision which has a flower garden as a part of the 35 acres that is surrounded by 319 homes. Since I sit on the homeowners board I'm pretty sure I can get them to plant some milkweed. Maybe in a few years we might see some monarch butterflies in our subdivison. That would be great.

A: Do a google search such as where to buy seed of blank blank. English Gardens has several varieties of milkweed. These seeds need a cold stratification of 6 weeks or more or 40 degree temps or less. Make sure they are stratified if you plan to plant them this year. Also, make sure the varieties you choose are hardy to zone 5. Not all are. You will not get blooms until next summer. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy