Which BT Subspecies Is Most Appropriate For Controlling Specific Moths Bollworm And Tomato Leaf Miner

Question From: Denizli, Denizli Province, Turkey
Q: Which Bt subspecies( aizawai or kurstaki) is most appropriate for control of the following pest. Diamond Back Moth, Cotton bollworm, tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) and Grape berry moth

A: Richard, I did a Google search and came up with kurstaki. worldwidescience.org/topicpages/b/bacillus+thuringiensis+*kurstaki*.html Another suggestion would be azadiractin that would also take care of the insects in the egg stage and get them before they are actively feeding. In the U.S. the product I use is AzaMax from General Hyrdoponics. Good Luck and thanks for visiting Yardener.com. Nancy