White Parasite Moving Up Bark Of Andromeda

Question From: Morristown, New Jersey, United States
Q: I have a white parasite on the bark of my old adromeda - it is slowly moving up the stem and has attacked two other adromedas near by. It looks like a tiny white work 1/8" in the hundreds. How do I kill this parasite??

A: Take a sample in to your local garden center ( not a big box) for a positive Id. Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub, a systemic - may be a wise choice, but you really need an accurate diagnosis. It sound like the crawler stage of scale. A horticultural oil is another option. Be sure to spray the entire plant including the under side of the leaves. Read the labels carefully and follow the directions. Your shrubs are in stress so be sure to keep them watered this summer. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy