White Pine Tree Has White Sap All Over And Is Missing Needles In Many Areas

Question From: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Q: I have a white pine that I think may have white pine weevils. It is all alone in the yard, has great sun and nearly all the branches near the bottom have no pine needles. The leader on the top has a god foot and half of needle-less branch before the little clump of needles shows up at the top. There's white sap everywhere, which I think is from the bugs puncturing the tree. Is there any hope? We spray it with soapy water to kill the bugs. We live in Minnesota where there has been an early spring. The tree grew wonderfully for the first 2 years we had it. Now it looks pitiful.

A: You waited way too long to help your tree. Spraying it with soap and water is a waste of time. I would replace it. Do your homework before making a selection. Here is a link to the University of Minnesota Yard and Garden information services. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy