White Pine Tree Turned Yellow And Seems Dead

Question From: B. Kent - OHIO
Q: Hi Nancy. I live in central OH & I planted 3 white pines (5-6 foot) 2 years ago. Trees were doing fine then about three weeks ago as spring emerged, one of the trees (placed right beside one another) turned yellow & is dead. I Can't really see any pests but I did spray the trees for weevils in the fall (as two of the three trees had signs of damage on the top last summer). My main question: are my other two white pines in danger, too, of dying.? They look healthy now but the dead one deteriorated so rapidly-- I am concerned! Thanks so much fr your thought, Betsy


Hard to say Betsy. I recommend you have them inspected by a certified arborist.These trained tree doctors can spot issues we often overlook. Our trees suffered through a bad drought last year and need all the help they can get. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.