Why Are Geranium Blooms Smaller And Less Spectacular Than The Blooms When First Purchased

Question From: S. Donahue - Green Valley, Arizona, United States
Q: Hi Nancy.. Re: geraniums. When I purchase the plants the blooms are big and lush. When the "next generation" of blooms begin they're always very small, and I seldom see the large blooms as when I purchased the plant. I love geraniums, so if you can, please help!

A: It has to do with heat, humidity and sun. I recommend you visit a garden center, possibly one that actually grows these plants, for advice. I read on-line that florists import geraniums from Colorado in order to get the large blooms you are hoping for. The next round the flowers clusters will be smaller and much less spectacular. Also, you an google growing geraniums in AZ for more information. Beat Nancy