Why Did Just One Dahlia Tuber Bulb Become Rotten And Have Little White Flies In The Soil

Question From: L. Herter - Beverly Hills, California, United States
Q: Hi Nancy. I got some dinner plate sized dahlias awhile ago. They are doing great except one I planted in a smaller pot. It grew only about 2 inches, where the other ones were getting pretty big. I proceeded to repot to a bigger pot today and when removed from the soil the tuber bulb fell off. It looked like it had rotted and I noticed tiny little white flies in the soil. Why would it be just that one and what happened to it? I'm from Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada and we mostly have hot & dry summers and falls. Thank You

A: Throw the diseased tuber away. The tuber may have been damaged when you dug it. Don't take it personally. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy