Why Does One Sumac Grow While Another One Nearby With Same Conditions Does Not

Question From: S. Withers - Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Q: I have two sumacs I purchased at the same time, same size, and planted at the same time. They are planted maybe 20 ft from each other. Both get full sun. One has grown to great heights (maybe 10 ft??) but the other is just as small as when I planted it 5 years ago (about 3 ft). I'm purplexed. I like the little guy but am tempted to pull it out to plant something that will grow. The only difference in them is that the tall one is planted in the lawn and the short one is in amongst vinca majora (I think that's how you say it).

A: Your's is one of the mysteries of Mother Nature. The one in the grass probably got more fertilizer and possibly water. The tiny one may just be a weak sister. I'd replace it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy