Why Does Yardener Recommend BT For Killing Caterpillars

Question From: K. BuMiller - Escondido, California, United States
Q: "Holes Chewed in Leaves" (Butterfly plant) and you recommend BT and other caterpillar control. Obviously you don't have a clue, suggesting people poison their plant! I know all about BT and sure, it's considered organic but who in the hell wants anything to die from their nectar bush? I have the bush as a nectar plant. This REALLY makes me angry!!!

A: Sorry for your destress. Bt does not affect nectar feeders. Here is a website that will give you more information: http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu. I suggest you take the time and do your homework before attacking any response. Use of Bt is on the best practice list for certified organic gardeners.

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Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy