Why Should Plastic Not Be Used For Protecting Plants From Weather

Question From: P. Kabatek - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, (1) Under Problems of Cherry Laurel, Foliage Browned In Winter indicates Wind and Sunburn - you wrote: ... Erect a protective screen of burlap or spun agricultural fabric around shrubs that show this problem. Be sure to allow adequate air circulation around the shrub. Do not wrap it, do not use plastic. - What specifically is the problem with using plastic, such as plastic deer netting or plastic plant fencing? Is laurel sensitive to plastic? (2) We planted 3 laurels last spring. Watered them 2-3 times a week depending on rain. Ants started eating the leaves, so we used diatomaceous earth to control them. Then landscapers accidentally pruned them, removing all new growth. Then in winter, deer started eating them, so we wrapped them in deer netting. Now the south facing leaves have turned crispy brown, so we'll need to use the burlap/spun agricultural fabric, as well as deer protection, next winter. Thanks, Peter

A: Plastic wrap is not recommend as it transfers the cold. the netting is not a problem, however it does not protect from wind that dries out and burns the leaves. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy