Why Silene Dioica Catchfly Clifford Moor Did Not Grow Well

Question From: J. Arras - CONNECTICUT
Q: One of the perennials that I would like advice on is the Catchfly, a/k/a "Clifford Moor", a/k/a silene dioica, but you don't have it on the list. We planted several at the end of last summer, but they didn't seem to do well and I'd like to know why. Thanks!


My research says it likes gravelly well-drained soil in full sun with afternoon shade Silene dioica is listed as zone 6 in my old American Hort Society Encyclopedia but others put it at z5. I think too much fertilizer may compromise it. Also silenes are generally not long lived but they do reseed. This one also resents disturbance. Hope this helps. Happy Yardening, Nancy