Wiegela Shrubs Turned Brown After Pruning And House Was Power Washed

Question From: M. Crosby - Flemington, New Jersey, United States
Q: Hello, My mother recently bought a home in Easton PA, we power wash the siding of her home, she has what I believe is two Weigela Variegate shrubs, these shrubs were looking fine, but after we prune the shrubs they are looking awful, they turn brown. Not sure if they're dying due to soapy water from the power wash, the pruning, or maybe because the temperature drop & we had a freeze warning last Thursday. Can you please give us any advice. Greatly appreciated.

A: Could be a combination of the soap and frost. Weigela drop their leaves in fall. I would hose them down and water the soil around them to wash the chemicals away. Do keep the shrubs well watered if it does not rain until the soil freezes. FYI, the best time to prune them in late winter or very early spring. Good Luck, Nancy