Will Dog Poop Contaminate My Vegetable Garden

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: Hi Nancy saw your presentation at Baldwin Public Library yesterday...Thanks for presenting...My question that I was embarrassed to ask was that my dog (a lovable border collie ) found a way into my roped off area which I use for growing vegetables, she has been "doing her business" in there, and although I removed the solid "remains", do I have to dig all that soil out of there in order not to contaminate my veggies OR simply removing a shovel full of soil surround the remains is good enough. It is a raised bed with tons of composted material and soil that I have worked on for years, and to dig it all out would be tough, and stop my ability to begin growing cool season veggies...


Stuff happens Shelli. If you removed the dog poop and the dog is no longer using the area, I would turn the soil as soon as you can work it and relax. The microbes in the soil will take care of stuff. Plant on, Nancy