Will Garden Glow Dogwoods Grow Under A Maple Tree

Question From: M. Huggard - Rochester, Michigan, United States
Q: I recently transplanted three golden glow dogwoods from my shady side yard to a place under my large maple tree where there is more sun/shade. My nephew suggests they get tall but Bordines said not so much in this zone ( Rochester Hills) but another friend said it could have been a poor choice as Maples have shallow and thick roots and will deny my dogwoods moisture. Please help! I am desperate to move them again but I don't know where- there's not much sun here?

A: Your friend was right about the maple tree's roots. Are you sure about the name. I think they may be 'Garden Glow' dogwoods. They do best in dappled shade or morning sun. Here's a link to a website that will give you what you need to know about them. https://mnhardy.umn.edu/sites/mnhardy.umn.edu/files/601381gardenglowbrochurel3final_0.pdf Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy