Will Japanese Pagoda Tree Grow Well In A Cement Container

Question From: G. Pathan - Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Q: I have skylights in my kitchen and want to plant the Japanese pagoda trees outside it - so I can view the colors through the skylights. I live in Toronto. However, I only have a 2 feet sidewalk outside , so I need to plant these in rectangular cement planters. Can I plant these in planters? How tall will they grow and how should I take care of these? If not, could you suggest some trees that I can plant that change color in Fall? Please help! Thanks Gazala

A: Take pictures of the placement and surrounds to an independent garden center or nursery in your area for advice on selection and planting techniques. That is out of my area of expertise. The Toronto Botanical Garden may also be of help. If you have never been there it is worth the trip. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy