Will Mosquito Barrier Spray Protect A Large Group Of People

Question From: Rochester, Michigan, United States
Q: I am having a wedding in our large wooded back yard in Oakland Township next month and I am interested in mosquito control. Mike's Tree Surgeon takes care of our trees and said they will spray to kill Mosquitos ( and also all other insects) shortly before the wedding. There goes the fire flies and good insects. You mentioned Mosquito Barrier at your English Gardens talk this spring. Do you think I can really trust that to do the job? Since we have a large yard I'd get Mike's to spray it.

A: Rita, I lived in the country surrounded by 4 green swamps. We used garlic barrier 4 days prior to a big wedding celebrations and there were no issues with skeeters. It smells when first applied but that smell was gone in a couple of days, so don't do this the day before. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy