Will Moss Work As Well As Mulch For Impatiens

Question From: Graceville, Florida, United States
Q: Re: Impatiens. Would a layer of moss do just as well as mulch? The plant was a flea market buy and has only been in that container two days. It has gone through some major stress it's short time with me. I placed deep in my patio in the shade, while still in it's little 3 inch square pot. The next day I noticed that the suns angle sunk low, below the curtain and had beaten it down to a sad, limp, and a breath away from death sorry looking specimen. That's when I repotted it in the bowl, and topped it off with the moss. She's looking good now, and is in a spot where the sun doesn't reach.
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A: Moss will do just fine. Keep the soil moist but not sodden. Best Nancy