Will Viburnum Recover From Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Question From: K. Prost - Commerce charter Township, Michigan, United States
Q: I just finished reading your article on the viburnum leaf beetle. (although I think too late for me) I discovered in the last week or two that the two viburnums in my yard have been stripped of all foilage. Are they dead now or will they releaf? According to the life cycle in your article, sounds like this might have started last year. I was just about to call a nursery, then I saw your great article in the Detroit News Homestyle. Is there any hope for these two, once beautiful, viburnums? Thank you for your assistance. I always read your advise and look forward to seeing what is new in the garden.

A: Kathy, Your shrubs may produce a second set of leaves. The bad news is the adult beetles will be back in around July. You can treat them with Bayer Tree and Shrub - a systemic. You will need to do this every year and timing is key. It takes at least 2 weeks for the plants to take it up. You may wish to replace them. Best Nancy