Will Victory Holly Transplant Well And Thrive On The Coast

Question From: C. Danielson - MASSACHUSETTS
Q: I was given a holly labelled ilex "Victory" but nothing else on the label. It has a more oval shaped leaf than the other holly I have on the property. I've planted it at my summer home on Cape Cod, hoping the zone there is better than the cold in Central Massachusetts where I live. Can you tell me "anything" about it?


Chuck, Google Ilex 'Victory' to get the straight skinny on your holly. I read it does not like to be transplanted and will not be happy on the coast. But they did not say what coast. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: If I move this holly to central am where the zone is different, will it survive? Also, it is a female plant. I was told by the gift giver that all it needs is a male of any type of holly in order to produce berries. Is this true?


Plants that resent transplanting, resent transplanting in or out of their zone. Ilex opacca 'Victory' does not do well in coastal areas. Also a male Ilex of the same specie - oppaca is needed to fertilize a female. Finding one in a coastal area might be a stretch. According to my research Victory is hardy to zone 5 or 20 degrees below zero. Hope this helps. Google Ilex opacca 'Victory' for more information. Best Nancy