Willow Tree Leaves Are Turning Yellow And Crepe Myrtles Have No Leaves

Question From: Poolesville, Maryland, United States
Q: I have two questions; I planted 50 (8 foot) Crape Myrtles and 5 (12 Foot) weeping willows around November 2013 in the Washington DC area. with the Weeping Willows Everything was normal in spring, the plants survived the harsh winter and the leaves were on time and normal. We have had plenty of rain so far, almost 2 to 3 times per week. However, the health of three of the plants began deteriorating in late June, into July. One of the trees is having very few green leaves on it, the rest all yellowed. With the Crape Myrtles, the leaves came out in June on around 30 of them and the other 20 have not provided any leaves so far. The plants that look dead are still green when I scratch the trunks but there is no sign for leaves. What can I do to save these beautiful plants. Are they dead? will they comeback next year? Any advice to save them is appreciated.

A: Sara, My advice is to get an onsite inspection from a certified arborist. You obviously have made a big investment in these trees. Do the smart thing and have a professional look at them. Best and Good Luck, Nancy.