Wisteria Has No Blooms Or Leaves

Question From: J. Londono - New York, New York, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I live in NYC and have a rooftop garden. Anchoring the entrance to the garden are two twelve-year-old wisterias in very large pots. Normally my wisterias bloom in April, we are now going into June and both of my wisterias have yet to bloom or leaf out. When I checked the elasticity of the vine certain parts are flexible while others are brittle. I removed the brittle parts. The trunk and base of the plant are still healthy in color. I am beginning to get concerned. Thank you, José Londono NYC rooftop gardener

A: My guess is they are toast. The season was delayed by several weeks, but your wisterias are probably in a micro climate and should have at least budded out by now. Give them a couple more weeks and then move on. Best Nancy