Wisteria Leaves Curling And Turning Yellowish

Question From: l. marno - Hove, , United Kingdom
Q: my wisteria's leaves are curling and the leaves are turning a light yellowy green with crispy edges (not to do with aphids ), soil is damp and the plants in the ground. What could the cause be , I don't want to lose it. Its a mature plant several years old planted in the ground and has flowered well in the past. It's flowered this year but not very profusely ' Please can you help?

A: If your winter was abnormally cold, the cold came on quickly or you had a late freeze this spring the flower buds may have been damaged. Damage from a herbicide might cause the leaf damage. Leaves yellow up in alkaline soils - iron plus sulfer is helpful, but you should get a soil test first. If it were my tree I would have a professional look at it. We call them certified arborists here in the U.S. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.