Yoshimo Cherry Tree Leaves Are Turning Brown And Wilting And Bark Has Hard Dark Red Bumps

Question From: C. Swenson - Midlothian, Virginia, United States
Q: We have a Yoshimo cherry tree we planted last fall. It had small flowers this spring and we were elated. But now some of the leaves are turning yellow and the new leaves coming in seem to be turning a light brown and are saggy. The trunk and all branches have little hard dark red bumps. We never planted a cherry before and really need help before it dies! Thank you!

A: Your cherry tree has developed a fungus known as shot hole disease. First you must immediately remove any dead leaves and dispose of them. You will need to spray the tree with a fungicide formulated to treat fruit trees following the directions. Check at your local independent garden center or nursery - not a big box, for one that is available in your area. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy