Young Alder Tree Getting Yellow Leaves That Are Drying Up

Question From: Gardnerville, Nevada, United States
Q: Help!! I bought some trees. Two of them are young alders about 7 feet high. One seems to be doing fine. The other is getting yellow leaves that are drying up. I thought I was over watering but am reading they like a lot of water. I live in the high desert in the Carson Valley.

A: Catherine, I am not familiar with high desert gardening. That said, when planting trees it is no longer recommended to backfill with enriched soil. Fertilizing the first year is also not recommended. The tree may not have been in good condition when you bought it. I suggest you talk to your county extension regarding how to care for these trees in your area. A local nursery that specializes in trees is also a good source of information. If you have to replace it, spend a few extra dollars and buy a container of Mycorrhizae, such as Myke to your planting hole. It should be sprinkled on the roots and at the bottom of the hole. This beneficial organisim will help give your new tree a good start. Learn more about it at Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.