Young Bald Cypress Has Damaged Bark And Drips Red Sap

Question From: s. norwood - TEXAS
Q: Hi Nancy, We have a 2.6 yr old bald cypress. A year ago our dog, then puppy chewed the bark of one side of the trunk one day while we were at work. over the past year the bark has continued to lift away on the side going up the tree half way now. The tree also has some sort of red sap dripping from it in this area...looks like blood:) anythink we can do to keep the bark from peeling away or will the tree heal itself? We have taken such good care of this tree, its now around 15 ft tall and the trunk is about 1 and a half feet wide now at the bottom.

A: Sounds like the shrub is toast, the bark will not repair itself and the cambium layer has been damaged beyond repair. Time to replace it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Comment: The tree is doing great... The new pine needles are blooming and so there you go, glad you were wrong about this one😉.

Response: So happy your tree. is doing well. Sadly I do not have a crystal ball. Do be sure to keep it watered in hot dry weather as it has been compromised. Best Nancy and Happy Yardiening.,