Young Holly Trees Have Black Dead Bulbs After Cold Weather

Question From: D. Carver - Orchard Hill, Georgia, United States
Q: My young holly trees now have black and dead buds on the 4ft trees. In March we had cold weather in the mid 20 s which is unusual in mid Georgia. I have been carefully picking them off. Is this the correct action to take? in advance I thank you for your reply. PS Snowflake One was a black standard female French Poodle. Poodle number 2 was an identical Poodle and name was Blizzard .

A: The damaged buds will fall away on their own. If you choose to pick them off do so carefully so as not to damaged the latent buds that should emerge in May or June. Could be earlier where you live. Fertilizing will not help so wait until fall and use Holly Tone by Espoma. Mulching with organic material such as pine needles or pine bark will help keep the roots moist. Best to you and your dogs, Nancy and Happy Yardening.