Young Magnolia Tree Leaves Are Curling And Turning Brown

Question From: D. Kunde - Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Q: I purchased two red disiduous magnolias about 3 months ago they were looking really healthy and then in the last month one of them has leaf curl and now brown on the leaves now the other one has the brown on the leaves. I took a sample to a nursery and they could not find any mites or pests said it could have been poisoned. Ive never grown magnolias before and love gardening but these 2 plants are really challenging me please help don't want them to die as they would be a beautiful out the front when they flower what can i do?

A: Sounds like lack of water. Magnolias don't take kindly to dry weather, especially newly planted ones. Keep them watered so the soil in the rootball remains moist but not sodden. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy