Young Pin Oak Tree Needs To Be Staked

Question From: Pekin, Illinois, United States
Q: Hello, I have a tree (maybe a pin oak) that was only about 15 inches tall and not growing, so my husband tore it out of the ground. A few weeks later, it grew back and had been growing very quickly for 3 summers now. However, it must be staked almost all the way up and has a big gap between branches where the trunk is bare. Will this thing make it with its current shape? Is there something wrong with the root system? Can I do anything to help it? Thanks!

A: Jacquelyn, I appreciate your passion for this tree, however, there is no way I can advise you. I suggest you take a photo of it, including closeups of the leaves, to a local nursery for advice. Over fertilizing can kill it, so while it is tempting to do so - don't. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy