Young Yellow Tulip Magnolia Tree Had Very Few Leaves That Turned Brown And Died

Question From: J. Rogers - McDonough, Georgia, United States
Q: I planted a yellow tulip magnolia tree two years ago early spring. It's 7 ft. tall. It's grown very little. It's in full sun all day. It bloomed well the first summer. Last summer it bloomed but wasn't nearly as full. This summer it had very few leaves which turned brown and died immediately so I've been watering it because it's still alive. What am I doing wrong?

A: The first thing you did wrong was spend a year watching it go down hill. Maybe you should have watered it last year. It takes two to three years for a tree to establish so it needs to be watered on a regular basis if it does not rain. It may have suffered winter damage and continued to go down hill. Without leaves it is starving to death and slowly dying. Think about replacing it. Sorry for your loss. Best Nancy