Apple Serviceberry

Apple Serviceberry (Amelanchier x grandiflora)
Apple Serviceberry is a hybrid between Downy Serviceberry and Allegheny Serviceberry. As a result it is superior to either species in that it suckers less and is adapted to a wider range of soils. It will tolerate drought better as well. The main ornamental feature is the flowers that are larger than those of other Serviceberry species. The flowers are borne in early May and are at first tinged with pink but later fade to white. The young leaves are purplish, turning to green and then in the fall gorgeous color is yellow to orange.

Apple Serviceberry Choices
Autumn Brilliance has brilliant orange to red fall leaf color and abundant fruit. It has good form and reliable displays of white flowers. It is reported to be resistant to leaf spot as well as resistant to ice breakage.

Cole's Select is a selection with thicker, glossier foliage than other selections. The fall color is bright orange-red.

Majestic has dark green foliage that turns brilliant red in the fall. The clusters of white flowers are large.

Princess Diana is a spreading, small tree with red fall color that develops early and lasts late into the season.

Robin Hill Pink is a Serviceberry hybrid with pink flowers. The flower color is best in cool weather but fades rapidly when the weather is hot and dry.

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