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Bat-A-Way by Dr. T's

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Bat-A-Way is a repellent created by Dr. T's Nature Products Company (

Bats are generally beneficial until we encounter them in our homes. Bats can cause damage to our homes when they gnaw and chew on things such as wires and other items that are expensive to fix or replace. Bats are most damaging with their droppings that build up and leave a seemingly untidy and unsanitary mess.

Bat-A-Way eliminates their presence from within homes, between walls and on floors, ceilings, rafters, barns and storage buildings and prevents birds, bats and squirrels from nesting in areas they are not wanted.

Bat-A-Way contains Naphthalene which effects their sense of smell. When they come into contact with Bat-A-Way, their sensory perception is shut off, confusing them. Bats get so confused that they cannot distinguish their young from other bats. This confusion is the entire reason for their departure and the proof of how effective Bat-A-Way can be. However, these reactions in the bats are only temporary and they will only experience the discomfort when they come into contact with Bat-A-Way. When they leave the protected area and seek fresh air, everything returns to normal and bats carry on with their regular behavior.

Sprinkle Bat-A-Way indoors in well ventilated areas on floors or between walls for bat infestations. Animals will depart from the area within a short time. After departure, seal up all openings and cracks from which bats can enter. Even the smallest hole or crack can be their doorway in.

Bat-A-Way can also be used by placing two ounces of product into a mesh bag or cheesecloth of some kind or a butterdish and placed in specific areas for spot treatments and easy removal. This system is very easy and can be very effective.

An eight-ounce container will protect 200 cubic feet and can make about 10 mesh bags for spot treatments. Lasts 2 months.

Bat-A-Way Fogger

Bat-A-Way Fogger is a bat repellent developed by Dr. T's Nature Products (for info see

Never before has it been so easy to deter bats from attics and other enclosed areas than with this innovative product. Bat-A-Way Fogger captured the natural power of Wintergreen Oil and incorporated it into a non-toxic and natural total release fogger. By propelling Bat-A-Way Fogger into the air, bats will leave immediately to avoid the mist of this repellent.

Bats will experience discomfort when they come into contact with the Bat-A-Way Fogger mist and evacuate the premises. These reactions are temporary and will dissipate when they find fresh air.

Bat-A-Way Fogger when released in an enclosed area will eliminate the problems associated with bats. It will work immediately and should be used again within ten days if the animals return. It is important to seal openings that are allowing these animals to enter the premises. If these measures are not taken, the animals will continue to return. Remember that even the smallest hole can be entryway for bats.

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